551-12 Sulky Stabilizer - Sticky

551-12 Sulky Stabilizer - Sticky


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Because all Sulky Tear-Away Stabilizers are made from non-woven materials they don't stretch in any direction.. Use Sulky tear-away stabilizers as backings for all types of appliqué, digitized and free-motion embroidery, edge-stitch support, monogramming, buttonholes, and decorative stitching Using Sticky+ saves time, combines great stability and effortless removal, and doesn't gum up your needle. For ease in removal, it is best to remove Sticky+ within an hour or so after application. After hooping Sulky Sticky+ (with the paper side up), score the paper release sheet and remove it; finger-press your fabric onto the Sticky+ and embroider. Use Sticky+ as a backing when painting T-shirts, etc., to keep the paint from bleeding through; also keeps the knit on grain and stable while you are painting

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